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Residents Raise Concerns About Callahan Tunnel Trench Drain Noise

The Callahan Tunnel’s new entrance trench is disturbing nearby residents (Image: Ms. Grayson/Twitter)

The following “Request for Remediation” comes from residents in buildings around the entrance of the Callahan Tunnel, near Fulton, North and Cross Streets.

Over the past year, a group of North End Residents have been working with MassDOT to correct the noise created after the Callahan Tunnel renovations were completed. While some corrective steps have been made to decrease the noise, additional remediation is needed as noise pollution continues to be a disturbance with every vehicle passing through the tunnel and over the trench. North End residents are requesting that MassDOT correct the problem and return the noise level in the neighborhood to its’ previous level prior to the tunnel reconstruction.

We are pleased to announce that the District Highway Director and his team want to meet with residents on the site of the Callahan Tunnel trench drain noise located at the Richmond Street tunnel fence (next to the dog walk) on Friday, December 11th at 8:00 a.m. North End residents are invited to support this effort by adding your name to the list of concerned residents via this link.  You are also invited to attend the meeting on FridayWhether the noise impacts you directly, please help eliminate the tunnel noise in our community. Thank you.