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NEWF News & Views for Sunday, December 23, 2012: Swain Gallery, Updated Skate Park Plan, Callahan Closing & Photo

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What’s new on the blog

It was a Santa surprise this week at the Nazzaro Center. See the article.

Bostoniano, the magazine? Yes, read all about the new print publication including several North End articles. See the post.

Notable News Found Elsewhere

Sarina Tracy at Boston.com posts a gallery of images featuring North End artist, Nathan Swain, and his work around the neighborhood.

The Globe’s Casey Ross catches us up on the Downtown Waterfront Municipal Harbor Plan.

Curious about the plans for the Skate Park and New Charles River Basin? It’s at about 50% design now. See the pdf from the December 12, 2012 meeting.

Photo of the Day:

Given recent events, today’s photo is the Callahan Tunnel under the North End as seen from Cross Street. The latest panel failure will cause the tunnel to close for inspection on Sunday night. Also shown in the photo on the right is the old tunnel administration building that is currently undergoing renovation by its new owner, the North Bennet Street School.

Callahan Tunnel as seen from Cross Street – December 2012 – Photo by Matt Conti

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