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Notable News: Sidewalk Struggles, Flooding Development, Community Compost, Holiday Treats, and More!

Here it is, the compilation of articles and media coverage about the North End / Waterfront, brought to you weekly.

Wendy Maeda, The Boston Globe.
“If you’re lucky, you’ll live to be disabled,” Mayer said. “So why not plan for the future?” Photo by Wendy Maeda, The Boston Globe.

Make cities livable for old and disabled

Imagine walking Boston’s old downtown streets in the shoes of Tommye Mayer, who has paralysis on her left side, compromised vision, and some cognitive challenges from a stroke she had more than 30 years ago. With crooked sidewalks and uneven bricks, this North End resident faces daily challenges getting around the city, continue reading at, The Boston Globe.

Boston developers need to plan for flooding

Citing that, “Mother Nature doesn’t negotiate,” read this letter about development with Boston’s rising risks of coastal flooding. In response to developers of the Lewis Wharf Hotel proposal requesting a variance that would make their building vulnerable to flooding in severe storms, “regulators must not allow this variance.” Read the article at, The Boston Globe.

Which Boston neighborhoods are only available to the rich? Photo by Jessica Rinaldi,
Which Boston neighborhoods are only available to the rich? Photo by Jessica Rinaldi,

Boston neighborhoods are the most ‘economically integrated’ of any US metro

According to a new analysis of home prices, the North End is one of the city’s five neighborhoods that are only accessible to the rich. In fact, 51 percent of the city has a balanced mix of home prices, while 35 percent had mostly high-end homes, continue reading at

Mayor Walsh Expands Boston’s Community Compost Program to Include City Hall

Originally piloted in the North End and East Boston in 2014, Mayor Walsh has decided to increase the community composting pilot program to three new neighborhoods at 4 total locations. Nearly 200 Boston residents participated in the pilot program which channeled 13,500 pounds of food waste, four new sites were chosen to expand the free composting program across the City of Boston. Real Estate Rama has more on the expansion.

Bring These Baked Goods Home for the Holidays

For this Holiday Season, Maria’s Pastry Shop in the North End is serving up “one of the best” traditional Italian panettone, along with mustacciuoli, and other holiday treats. Read the article for other holiday specials at, Eater Boston.

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