The Weekender: Labyrinth Walk, North End Gambling, First Night and More!

Here we are, the final weekend of 2015, in the midst of the holiday aftermath, closing in on 2016!

Top 5 Posts of the Week:

Walking the candlelit labyrinth during the world peace walk, photo by Matt Conti.
Walking the candlelit labyrinth during the world peace walk, photo by Matt Conti.

Candlelit Labyrinth Peace Walk Celebrates the Winter Solstice [Photos]

On the path at the Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway, participants walked the candlelit labyrinth and tied ribbons on the Wishing Tree, upholding an ancient tradition.  View the post for more on the event and photos by Matt Conti.

My Corner of Boston: North End Gambling and “Friday Night Bingo”

Speaking about the North End gambling scene and the events over the years that led to this being such an “industry” in the neighborhood. From the involvement with alcohol during prohibition, to priests and cops playing the numbers and the amount of bookies in this small neighborhood, view the video for bingo and to read more on this “corner” of the neighborhood.

COPP’S HILL MOMENT: Christmas in the City

When is it too soon to start decorating for Christmas? One neighbor in the North End used to decorate earlier and earlier every year, setting up before Halloween one year. Read the article for how, “we push and shove and buy and wrap and sing and eat our way on a doomed march to recapture the mystery and wonder of childhood.”

Photo by NEBO, courtesy of The Boston Globe.
Photo by NEBO, courtesy of The Boston Globe.

Notable News: Carla Gomes Featured, Trash Volumes Down, Mayor’s Data Tracking, Valet App Quits, BYOB, Photos and More!

Keeping our readers up to date on whats being written about from other sources, the notable news post covers all types of news outlets publishing stories about the North End / Waterfront. Read the post for the compilation of articles over this past week.

First Night Ice Sculpture Stroll & Waterfront Program Guide

The Boston Harbor Association is teaming up with First Night to expand free, family-friendly activities along Boston Harbor for New Years. With all these events happening in the afternoon, gearing up for the midnight fireworks over Boston Harbor, view the lineup to plan your New Years 2016 in Boston!

Editor’s Pick:

Downtown View: North Station Transportation Troubles

Traffic around North Station is already a mess and new developments going up will only make it worse. Columnist Karen Cord Taylor weighs in on what a new transportation study should focus on. Read the column.