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The Latest & Greatest: 7-Eleven Signage, Building Approved on Salem Street, North End History and More!

This weekly roundup is packed with videos of some of neighborhood meetings and North End history. Learn about The Great Molasses Flood that took 21 lives and reeked havoc on Commercial Street. Get details on a lottery for affordable housing units in The Victor development building and listen to Suffolk University’s John Nucci speak about students living in the neighborhood. All of that, and more in the weekly roundup!

Top Posts This Week:

Neighborhood Council Opposes 7-Eleven Signage at 340 Hanover Street [Video]

See why the vote to oppose the signage for the new 7-Eleven on Hanover Street was close to being unanimous. The video will put you in the meeting to hear concerns from residents and the thought behind making the signage appeal to the environment of the North End neighborhood. Also, see the post to find out why this vote could be irrelevant.

Its been 95 years since this devastating flood roared down Commercial Street.
Its been 95 years since this devastating flood roared down Commercial Street.

95 Years Ago: The Great Molasses Flood Killed 21 People in Boston’s North End

See a great video and read about this North End disaster on Commercial Street where today’s bocce courts are located. This tank was 50 feet high and 90 feet wide when it ruptured, sending a devastating wave of syrupy brown liquid down Commercial Street at 35 mph. If this were to happen today, the property damage is estimated at over $100 million. View Post

Affordable Rental Housing Lottery at The Victor

The Victor development along Causeway Street is accepting applications for 10 affordable housing rentals to be granted through a lottery process. See prices, room sizes, the application and more information. View Post

Suffolk University’s Nucci Speaks About Students Living in North End [Video]

Hear concerns from residents about the Suffolk University student population currently living in the North End. Listen to Suffolk University’s John Nucci, Vice-President of Government and Community Affairs speak about the University’s initiative to maintain quality of life for residents in the neighborhood. View Post

Neighborhood Groups Vote to Support 124-126 Salem Street Building Development, Sans Parking

An overwhelming majority of the members of both neighborhood groups voted to approved the plan to develop a five story building on Salem Street. The current 13-space parking lot would be home to nine condo units with commercial space on the first floor. View Post

Editor’s Pick:

David Kubiak Steps Down From NEWRA Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee

David Kubiak has been the chair of the Zoning, Licensing & Construction (ZLC) Committee for the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) for the last ten years. See David’s announcement to step down, appreciative comments and the reports of the meeting here.

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