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Police Reports: Tis’ the Season for a Fight!

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The following incident report is courtesy of District A-1 Boston Police:

Larceny in Building
12/20/15  ~  6:00pm – 10:00pm
Victim reports that an unknown person stole her wallet from inside a Hanover Street restaurant. The wallet contained bank/credit cards, U.S. currency and personal papers.

Assault & Battery
12/24/15  ~  12:10am
Police Officer’s responded to Salem Street for a report of a fight. On arrival they met two male victim’s who stated they got into a fist fight with 2 unknown males, one of the victim’s was treated for a small laceration of the ear.

One Reply to “Police Reports: Tis’ the Season for a Fight!

  1. Does the Boston Police really think “1” Police Officer & “1” Cruiser is going to control our
    small Neighborhood? What a Joke. As I said in the Past, the Cameras tell the entire story.

    If these Landlords that are ripping off Tenants can’t afford Cameras, they should not own Property.

    The Cameras protect the Tenant & also makes the Police’s Job easier. The City should make
    this imperative. Cameras are not a Luxury, they are a Necessity.

    Monday at 4 P.M. up City Hall they will have a Meeting on Rent Control, another mistake.

    Landlords might be ripping off Tenants, but when Eviction Notices are going out, they are for
    a Good Reason. A lot of Tenants are causing problems not only on the Landlord’s Property,
    but throughout the Neighborhood. If the City has all these concerns about Tenants, then they
    should provide affordable housing for these people.

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