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Police Incident Reports: Smashing Lobby Door, Rolled Down Window Theft


The following incident report is courtesy of District A-1 Boston Police:

Larceny from Motor Vehicle
12/06/15  ~  10:12am
A female victim reports that her 2011 Jeep Liberty was parked on Prince Street. When she returned to her vehicle, the front passenger window was rolled down (no damage) and her phone charger was missing.

12/18/15  ~  3:32am
A Fleet Street resident reports that she heard a loud smashing sound coming from the lobby area of her apartment building. When she looked out her apartment door she observed a male tenant that resides in the building smashing down the front glass door and frame. The suspect once inside entered his apartment. Responding police officer’s attempted to speak to the suspect (no answer) at his apartment door. The management company was notified and will secure exterior door. Detective’s are set to follow up on this incident.

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  1. I am sure this has to be an Absentee Landlord Building again. I don’t think there should be any
    questions asked, this definitely warrants an EVICTION.

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