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North End Residents Demand More Police Presence; Rob Consalvo Talks Public Safety; Wasp Spray Demonstration [Video]

Video: August 1, 2013 North End Public Safety Meeting, Nazzaro Community Center

Subject timeline for the meeting so you can jump to points of interest in the video.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome by Sgt. Thomas Lema, Boston Police District A-1

03:30 Crime Statistics – Review of recent incidents in the last 30 days (numbers shown below)

  • 03:30 Attempted carjacking / robbery on Hanover Street
  • 05:50 Breaking and Entering – Fleet Street
  • 06:30 8 Larcenies
  • 07:50 Vandalism – Endicott Ct.

08:00 Large (~20 teens) fight on July 28th at intersection of Commercial and Foster Streets (near Mirabella Pool) with bats, knifes and broken bottles. Most of the teens were from the suburbs (one gave a Hanover St. address).

11:30 Petition review for more police presence on Hanover Street (See article)

16:40 In response to resident feedback that large groups of teenagers gather at certain places in the neighborhood, BPD District A-1 intends to place “fixed patrols” on weekend nights at the Gassy (DeFilippo Park) and around the Steriti Skating Rink on Commercial Street.

19:45 Seven arrests for the last 30 days in the North End / Waterfront

  • Disorderly conduct late night outside Caffe Pompei
  • Drug arrest of multiple people (3 North Enders) around Snow Hill and Sheafe Streets – July 31st
  • Larceny at Hanover and Cross Streets – Victim at Lucca’s Restaurant near window, purse grab, citizen apprehended suspect
  • Indecent exposure by homeless man

22:20 Discussion about problems and need for added police patrols during summer weekends, including the North End feasts.

45:20 Dealing with the homeless

50:00 South Boston Amy Lord murder (Boston.com article) and how to prevent such a tragedy in North End

53:20 Resident demonstrates Wasp Spray defense as a pepper spray alternative

1:10:00 Mayoral Candidate Rob Consalvo addresses the Public Safety Meeting

Boston Police District A-1 encourages residents to call 911 when they see teens gathering in the neighborhood. Follow-up calls and emails to Sgt. Lema can also be made at 617-343-4627 and LemaT.bpd@cityofboston.gov.

2 Replies to “North End Residents Demand More Police Presence; Rob Consalvo Talks Public Safety; Wasp Spray Demonstration [Video]

  1. What is this woman’s fascination with wasp spray? At least this time she didn’t advocate using it to quiet noisy college students and young professionals.

  2. Hopefully any future demonstration of the prowess of wasp spray will take place outside and away from people.

    -David Marx-
    NEWNC Public Safety Chairman

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