Video: Residents Association Reports on Neighborhood Affairs

The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) held its monthly meeting on November 12, 2015. The first half hour was dedicated to various neighborhood reports and updates, summarized below in this video timeline.

(00:00 in video) President’s Report

New officer introductions after the October election:

  • President: Ford Cavallari
  • Vice-President: David Goggins
  • Sergeant-at-arms: Robyn Reed
  • Treasurer: Ann DeLuca
  • Secretary: Jennifer Crampton

Committee chairs:

  • Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee: Victor Brogna
  • Membership: Mary McGee
  • Public Safety: David Marx

(01:40) What it takes to be a neighborhood – Ford Cavallari

(05:00) Mayor’s Office Updates – Maria Lanza

(10:10) Membership Committee Report – Mary McGee

(12:30) Parks Committee Report – Robyn Reed

(15:30) “Live by Night” Movie Filming, Nov. 20th – Greg Chiodo

(23:00) Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee Report – Victor Brogna

(29:20) Public Safety Committee Report – David Marx

2 Replies to “Video: Residents Association Reports on Neighborhood Affairs

  1. Rents for Commercial space in the North End are too high to support retail businesses. BTW Ford, there is a hardware store on Fleet St which is not open the same hours as True Value has been open but has been here for decades.

    1. The closest thing to True Value is Ace Hardware in Charlestown, and even they don’t carry the
      wonderful products True Value carried. The retail space, along with residential, is outrageous here
      in the North End, and you are not getting what you pay for. Some of these residential and retail
      spaces are out and out dumps, and the landlords expect the tenant to improve the property at
      the renter’s expense. Some retail spaces also expect the renter to pay for taxes, water and
      insurance. The only people that can afford this might be another chain, or another restaurant, which
      we need like a hole in our heads, or someone with a ton of money to invest.

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