City Council Election: Murphy Out, Essaibi-George In; Wu Tops North End Ticket

Election results show that incumbent Stephen Murphy has lost his at-large seat on the Boston City Council. Annissa Essaibi George joins incumbents Michelle Wu, Michael Flaherty and Ayanna Pressley in the four citywide seats.

In the North End, Murphy also came in last with Wu easily topping the ticket.

Shown below are the totals for Ward 3, Precincts 1-4.

  1. Michelle Wu – 523
  2. Michael Flaherty – 457
  3. Ayanna Pressley – 428
  4. Anissa Essaibi George – 398
  5. Stephen Murphy – 322

District 1 Sal LaMattina and District 2 Bill Linehan both ran unopposed in this year’s election.

Thanks to Conor Finley for data collection on the election.

3 Replies to “City Council Election: Murphy Out, Essaibi-George In; Wu Tops North End Ticket

  1. Stephen Murphy off the city council? Like I said, Boston as we once knew it is dead. It’s very sad. I loved knowing Stephen Murphy was at-large. It was an honor and a privilege to have lived in Boston during his distinguished service.

  2. Brian. You left the North End. We will avoid reading your comments since you insist on projecting that Boston is dead. I’m not letting you go on this one. You don’t live here — don’t try to make the rest of us believe your conjectures. Are you, all of a sudden, better than us?

  3. Jamison – You’re hiding behind a fake name. We? Just whom are you speaking for? Your smug comment that “we” don’t understand the research going on out there is just as presumptuous as your suggestion that I think I am better than “us.” Again, grouping yourself with whom, are we?? Reveal your real identity. Boston as I knew it is dead. I am thrilled to find you steering clear of my words. They are not meant for you. B

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