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Filming with Ben Affleck “Live by Night” in 1920’s North End [Photos]

Residents in Boston’s North End took in the 1920’s scene on Friday complete with Ben Affleck filming his movie, “Live By Night”. Here are some scenes from the movie set on Margaret Street, Cleveland Place and the Prado.

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15 Replies to “Filming with Ben Affleck “Live by Night” in 1920’s North End [Photos]

  1. Wow! How exciting. I wonder if they used any N.E. residents in the film. Years ago the Thomas Crown Affair movie did.

  2. Lol did someone take that last photo with a potato. Annwaaaays I cannot wait for this!! I love Ben’s directing and writing he seems to know what he’s doing. !!

        1. Maruerite are you any relations to Mike Buonopane from spinellis in east boston he lives in winthrop mass?

  3. The laundry was hung by someone who never hung laundry before. Each piece of clothing should share a clothes pin with the next piece!

    1. You would never see “whites” like sheets and underwear hung with “colored” clothes. They were washed separately and on different days.
      If someone did hang them out together their neighbors knew they were being lazy and there would be lots of comments made at the grocery or meat store. My mother used a product called bluing with the “whites”, it was supposed to make them whiter. Don’t ask me how.

  4. Your right Nick and Chris. That’s a bad looking clothes line. Women in the N.E. took pride in hanging out their laundry. Nick, your comment on how the neighbors would actually discuss a bad hanging job cracked me up. You can still buy bluing solution today and it’s better than bleach.

  5. Nick and Chris are absolutely correct !!!! Clothes lines were very important !!

    Thanks Matt these photos are fabulous !!

  6. Great photos I don’t see any dogs in this film. Why didn’t they ask me I would have been an extra. Freeway

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