Mingling and Dancing at the North End Italian Heritage Seniors Luncheon

The annual Italian Heritage Luncheon for North End seniors was held last week, hosted by the Boston Elderly Commission at the U.S. Coast Guard’s All Hands Club on Commercial Street. Mayor Marty Walsh attended as the group enjoyed good food, mingling and dancing to DJ Allan LaBella. Many thanks to Michele Morgan for the party photos.

Photos by Michele Morgan.

10 Replies to “Mingling and Dancing at the North End Italian Heritage Seniors Luncheon

  1. these seniors are out of control!!! this would never have happened in the north end in paul revere’s days. the neighborhood has been on a steady decline since 1775.

    1. To Truth: Interesting comment, which came from….who knows where ! I had a look at the photos (too many, as always), and thought the seniors appeared happy…..singing and dancing. Paul Revere was occupied with saving our country !!

  2. Get a life let the seniors enjoy themselves especially what is going on in the world today. Live, love and be happy. Freeway

  3. Thanks Freeway !!!!! OUT OF CONTROL ???????? By enjoying a little music and a beautiful lunch given by our Mayor~~could be called OUT OF CONTROL ?? Have you ever witnessed a riot or war zone~~~that is out of control !!
    There are not too many things that we can truly enjoy at our age~~~so MYOB~~~~~I’d love to be around when you become a Senior ???? If you looked closely enough~~Paul Revere was on stage and dancing also ! Get a life !!

  4. Jamison, too many Seniors or too many photos???? How often do we watch t.v. and they show war zones riots~~blood and guts everywhere, etc. over and over and over again ? At least this is a pleasant time for the North End Seniors !! Don’t begrudge our enjoyment~~~Just Stop Looking !!!

    1. Janet: I thought the party looked very festive, and as I commented above, the seniors all looked very happy. By “too many photos”, I meant, too many photos ! Some were repeats. Hey…..just an innocent comment. Hurray for the seniors, I say. I am one.

  5. Why do all you people tell each other what to think. The comments are always telling people off. And you, Janet, are a pillar of the neighborhood. I was very upset at your response to my positive comment.

  6. I am sorry Jamison for picking a few of your words as a derogatory statement ! I was taken aback with the statement that “truth” had said~~~and had vented unnecessarily towards you !

    I don’t enjoy being negative~~~believe me !! I thrashed out at the small-mindedness of “Truth” ~~~ Sorry if we Seniors Embarrassed him or her ???

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