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Library Hosts The Jack Volpe Project to Rousing Ovation

The Jack Volpe Project performed on October 24, 2012 at the North End Branch Library (Photo by Jim Salini)

On October 24th, in honor of Italian Heritage Month, The Jack Volpe Project performed songs of Italian crooners Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett at the North End Branch Library. The band consisted of Jack Volpe Rotondi on vocals, Brian Fitzpatrick on piano and Nat Simpkins on saxophone and bass. Approximately 35 people attended.

Each attendee was handed a listing of the song titles to be played, the writers, year written, which of the crooners recorded it and a little bit of trivia such as Grammy Awards, Academy Awards and films which included those songs. Jack also surprised with the selection of Santa Lucia, sung in Italian. He concluded with a snappy version of Steppin’ Out With My Baby, which he noted was instrumental in Bennett’s ‘90’s resurgence when it was shown on an MTV video.

The concert was well received and the band got a rousing ovation at its conclusion.