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Tons of Notable News: Rome Living, Car Share Woes, Halloween Alley, DiMasi Health Plea, Pizza Popularity and More!

News junkie? This is the week for you, the media was overflowing with articles, interviews, and reviews for the North End / Waterfront! 

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Comparing Boston prices to the best neighborhoods around the world

The cost of living in Boston has risen to the point where the North End is now equivalent to living in the historic district of Rome, Italy. At $866 per square foot, see what else Boston is comparable to at, Real Estate.

Councilor wants to license street performers

City Councilor Sal LaMattina is leading the way for a bill that would mandate street performers to buy an annual license for $40. Other restrictions such as distances from hospitals and schools apply, read more details at, UniversalHub.

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Iconic local alleyway is all dressed up for Halloween right now

The North End may not have all the fall foliage, but Peter Baldassari does his part to keep the neighborhood decorated for fall. Baldassari decorates his alleyway with Halloween colors, view the iconic “All saints way” at BDCwire.

Forget Milk: It’s Time to Start Pairing Cookies With Beer

Many people visit North End bars and restaurants for the food, drinks, and the neighborhood environment, but what about Oreos?  The Boston Sail Loft Café & Bar on Atlantic Avenue not only has good New England clam chowder, but also has free Oreos on the bar, continue reading at the Huffington Post.

Still circling for a spot

City officials have leased four “prime” street parking spots to private companies who will use the spots for car sharing services. With parking scarce as it is, leasing the spots to Zipcar and Enterprise Carshare did not go over well with North End residents. Continue reading the story at, The Boston Herald.

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North End Reacts to New Car Sharing Program

Residents of the North End are not happy that Boston has rented out parking spots on Commercial Street to Enterprise Car Sharing. Watch the video at the Boston Herald.

Debbie DiMasi Talks Care For Inmates

Deborah M. DiMasi is advocating for a compassionate release of her husband, former House Speaker Sal DiMasi who is in the midst of stage 4 cancer. Currently in the fourth year of an eight-year sentence, watch the video courtesy of WGBH.

Peter Lucas: It’s a crime how DiMasi’s liberal pals deserted him

Sal DiMasi, former Massachusetts Speaker of the House is currently serving time in Federal Prison for accepting money for approval of a state computer contract. This writer argues that, “he would have been treated better if he were a U.S. Army deserter, or a Gitmo terrorist, a murderer or a crack cocaine dealer.” Read the article at the Lowell Sun.

North End Pizza:

Photo courtesy of Instagram, view at MassLive.

Boston area pizza shops named ‘Best Pizzas in America’ that you need to try

Six Boston pizza places were named to The Daily Meal’s ‘101 Best Pizzas in America. Would you guess that three of them were from the North End? MassLive has the breakdown of the must try pizzas.

Hottest New Pizza Joints in Boston

Although neither of these two pizza shops made the cut for a top spot in America’s best pizzas (above), they have hit the Boston area pizza scene with a storm. Rina’s Pizzeria & Cafe and Monica’s Mercato Pizza of the North End were both featured in this Zagat list.

Phantom Gourmet: Tastiest Arancini

Is anyone surprised that the North End’s Galleria Umberto’s was in the conversation for arancini’s in the Boston Area? Find out who else is in the conversation at, CBS Boston.

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