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Police Incident Reports: Armed Robbery, Stabbing, Break-in


The following incident report is courtesy of District A-1 Boston Police:

10/19/15  ~  11:55pm
Police Officer’s arrested 3 males for armed robbery (pellet gun) after they held up victims on North Street and at Cross and North Street, all property recovered. Details on the incident.

Larceny from Motor Vehicle
10/20/15 ~ 11:00am – 1:00pm
Victim reports that he parked on Prince Street by Hanover Street and an unknown person broke into his 2006 International truck and stole clothing, credit cards, and keys.

Breaking & Entering (Residential)
10/25/15  ~  2:43am
A male suspect was arrested after breaking into his girlfriend’s Endicott Street building. The suspect smashed the front glass door to gain entry and was attempting to gain entrance into the victim’s apartment.

Aggravated Assault
10/29/15  ~  1:12am
Police Officer’s responded to a Hanover Street bar for a report of a stabbing. On arrival Police Officer’s found one male out front with facial lacerations, then were alerted by the staff to a second male down on the floor by the bar with a stab wound to the throat. The male suspect was transported to Tufts Medical Center for his facial injuries and was treated and released into custody of A-1 officers and transported to the station and booked on Aggravated Assault & Battery dangerous weapon (knife). The victim was transported to M.G.H. for treatment of a stab wound to the throat. More on the incident.

2 Replies to “Police Incident Reports: Armed Robbery, Stabbing, Break-in

  1. What the hell are they waiting for to put more police on our streets? The crime is getting worse each
    day. The junkies from other cities are roaming our streets. This is not the first incident outside of
    a bar. Why isn’t the city making it mandatory to have a detail policeman at the door of these clubs that
    cause havoc in the Boston Area? We have people coming into this city from all over the world.
    The city has more concern over the tourist than the residents. We all know the North End/Waterfront
    area is not as safe as it once was, (safer than other parts of the city, absolutely) but why must we
    wait for things to get so out of hand before necessary action is taken?

  2. We all often espouse the idea that the more police we have, the less crime there will be. Many larger cities claim that the opposite is true. However, for our neighborhood, if the police are placed where crime is concentrated — ‘hot spots’, their presence will work. More police can prevent crime by using directed patrols, arrests in ‘hot spots, and proactive attitudes. Perhaps these methods would work in crime prevention. Police patrols at night would work….get them out on the streets.

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