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Armed Robbery with BB Gun on Greenway’s North End Park

Boston Police report on an armed robbery Monday night on the Greenway’s North End Parks:

At about 11:55 PM on Monday October 19, 2015, officers assigned to District A-1 (Downtown) responded to a radio call for an armed robbery on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in the area of North and Cross Streets.

On arrival, officers spoke with a male victim who stated that he had been robbed at gun point by three suspects.  The victim stated that he was approached from behind by the men and that one of them had placed a firearm to his neck while demanding cash and his phone.  The victim gave the suspects his money but retained his phone, later using it to call the police.   The three men then fled on foot on North Street back towards the North End.  The victim provided officers with a detailed description of the three males.

While officers were in the area attempting to locate the suspects, they were flagged down in the area of 271 North Street by a second male victim on a bicycle who stated that he had just been robbed at gunpoint by three male suspects who matched given description.  The second victim stated that one of the men had placed a firearm against his neck while demanding cash and his phone.  The victim complied and the three suspects fled on foot back towards the Greenway.  An alert detail officer who had been listening to the suspect descriptions over the radio observed three males crossing over the North Washington Street Bridge and called for additional units.

The three men were stopped and positively identified as Jonathon Alvarez De Leon, 19, of Lawrence, Andy Gonzalez, 20, of Lawrence and Jose Hernandez, 18, also of Lawrence.  Officers placed the three suspects in custody without incident while recovering what was later determined to be a realistic looking Daisy C02 BB Gun from Alvarez De Leon.  Officers were able to recover the stolen property of both victims.

All three suspects will appear in Boston Municipal Court on charges of Armed Robbery.

2 Replies to “Armed Robbery with BB Gun on Greenway’s North End Park

  1. I have lived in the No. End for years, and even though it might be the safest area in Boston, I have
    never heard of so many robberies in broad day light and this incident, getting robbed at gun point
    at 11 30 P.M. only tells me one thing, it is not as safe as it was years ago and keeps on getting
    worse. There are more Junkies roaming our streets than ever before and they are not just from
    the No. End, they are coming in from everywhere. We definitely need more police protection and
    I don’t know if there are enough police to go around because of the violent crimes in other parts of
    the city; and not to mention the poor Police all over our country have been prey for those that are
    mentally unstable and are killing them. One would have to give it serious thought before becoming
    a Police Officer in todays day and age. I only hope our Police and Firemen are more than compensated for putting their lives on the line everyday. The world is not the same as we once knew
    it and is getting worse everyday.

  2. I agree that we need more foot patrol! It seemed that the theft problem was somewhat curtailed as opposed to a few years back. However, now that the days are shorter, I’ve seen a huge increase in theft. My shop has been taking a hit weekly this month and most of these thieves are on drugs and dangerously hostile.

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