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Lewis Wharf Condo Board Questions Hotel Developer’s “As Of Right” Claims

Legal counsel for the Lewis Wharf Condominium Board has sent a letter to the Boston Redevelopment Authority requesting that “as of right” statements by the developer be clarified at public meetings regarding the proposed hotel complex. The specific statements being objected to include assertions by the developer, JW Capital Partners, and its team that their proposal is entitled to approval under law “as a matter of right” and was previously approved in the late 1980s by another developer. The condo board states that “Both statements are incomplete and extremely misleading.” The letter details the differences of the previously approved development plan and the discretionary approvals that are expected to be part of the public process.

The BRA project manager has been starting each meeting, including the latest one, by saying the “as of right” claims are under review. The condo board is requesting that each time the developer makes such assertions that the BRA representative repeat the “under review” status and non-endorsement of those statements as fact. The complete letter is shown below.