5 Replies to “Freeway’s Doggie Halloween at Post-Gazette on October 30th

  1. I remember when I was a kid nead used to have parties for children in this park… Now they are having dog parties… Maybe that’s why they find so many heroine needles around

    1. I think you are a little confused. This is not a party and it’s not at a park. There are still many parties and activities for kids at all the North End and Waterfront parks. NEAD, NEMPAC, FOCCP and other local organizations run them. Perhaps you don’t live here anymore?

    2. Lighten up, please. We are all facing the effects of a changing neighborhood. Sarcastic comments don’t help people feel better. Thank you.

  2. If you read the post-gazette we have been doing doggie halloween for a few years for all my pooch friends it is something nice to do for our pets. We also have a thanksgiving food drive for the shelter that starts now until November 18 you can donate dog or cat food or treats it’s a way of giving to those who can’t afford it. I have lived in the north end since i was a puppy i see the change so make a difference and donate a can of food make a pet happy.
    I appreciate whatever you donate. Freeway

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