Faneuil Hall Marketplace Update: UNIQLO, Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates, Rotunda Reactivation, Glass Pavilion

The management of Faneuil Hall Marketplace have issued status updates on happenings as part of their Master Vision plan.

1 – UNIQLO, the Japanese-based retailer, has opened as an Anchor Store on the ground floor of the Quincy Market Building and half of the entire second floor.

2 – Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates will open on October 28th (National Chocolate Day) in the former Godiva space in the South Market Building.

3 – Management will go before the Boston Landmarks Commission on October 27th to seek approval of the Rotunda Reactivation. The Rotunda will convert into a night life venue during the evening hours with new bars added to both levels, along with digital directories and better ventilation. Several 2nd level displays will be replaced with LED screens showing historic images.

4 – Construction will soon begin for a period of 6 months on the Glass Retail Pavilion that recently received BRA and BLC approval.

9 Replies to “Faneuil Hall Marketplace Update: UNIQLO, Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates, Rotunda Reactivation, Glass Pavilion

  1. Is there a opportunity for the public to hear what that plan is for the structure?

    The glass greenhouse has been empty for quite awhile but what exactly is going to happen? There is a new structure in the master plan and it looks good. However, there has been no announcement of the use of the space other than the rumor of Sephora cosmetics.

    Aside from the desire of the landlord to convert the marketplace to a mall and lease large spaces to national and international tenants who will pay enormous rents. What is the point of losing the local character and charm? Is this not a local marketplace anymore? How are these changes getting approved without hearing from the neighborhood and the people in Boston.

    AAC said they would like to attract locals to the property. Why would we go there when all they are offering are stores that are somewhere else? How many Uniglo’s are there now? There are several Sephoras as well. The other locations for these stores offer free parking? What would they land in Faneuil Hall.

    The public is being ignored. The character of Faneuil Hall is at great risk and for what? $$$$$

    Shame on the City for allowing this to happen to a national landmark. What was once a one of a kind thought to be preserved food hall has been ruined and cut up for an international chain store that sells cheap clothing.

    There should be more information shared with the public before there is any more destruction.

      1. Yes Joyce but it is a national landmark and should not be altered. There are guidelines for all of this and they aren’t being followed. They aren’t even allowing the public to participate. I don’t think it is too late for the neighborhood to get involved and try to preserve the property that is owned by the city. Investing money in renovations is one thing but change of use and character is another. Baffled by the desire to put a bar in the rotunda….one of the most renowned public spaces in Boston. It would be like turning the Trinity Church into a bar. The city needs to exercise the controls they have. They own the place!

        1. I did not say I supported it. Not sure how you came to that conclusion.
          I was merely pointing out to SMarshall that it had already been approved. There was a public meeting during the summer.
          The CITY approved this stupid idea. We have a Mayor who thinks more nightclubs and late bar closing hours and skyscrapers will turn Boston into Manhattan North. Organize something if you feel that strongly.

    1. Yes. We must become involved. Please see my previous post regarding the laws and guidelines the BRA and Boston Landmarks Commission are breaking by allowing this to happen.

  2. And for the rotunda bars. I have been to events where liquor was served in the upper space rotunda and it was a nice experience as the space is so beautiful. For special events once in awhile, I would be ok with it but to turn it into another dancehall nightclub luring 20 year olds is just more trouble for the neighborhood so I would say it would be a terrible idea. The space is for the public to enjoy and so many families use it. Privatizing public space for profits!

  3. Putting a bar in the rotunda is a disgrace to the city and surrounding areas! There are bars, and bars, and bars everywhere in and around Quincy market do we need one in the grand hall? Where would the people sit to eat their food? How about Minors getting in? These questions have to be asked. The rotunda is the people’s place. Not owned or privatized for anyone or anything. This AAC is not at all respectful of history or our Boston. They come into town guns blazing, take over a national landmark and piece it out to national chains and now they need a bar in the rotunda. I hope city hall and the mayor chime in on this one because they can no longer turn a blind eye on what’s happening right under their noses.

  4. We don’t want a bar in the rotunda inside Quincy Market! There are all ready too many bars in the neighborhood.
    Neuhaus, Uniglo, Ghiradelli? Ghiradelli is new and now another candy shop. Faneuil Hall used to be so unique and charming. There was a reason to drive to Boston, suck up the $30 to park and spend the day. Those days are long gone.
    I agree with Paul Mitchell, where is the city and why are they allowing the character of the marketplace to change so dramatically? It isn’t difficult to see that their plans are to lease to nationals in attempt to drive up the sales to out price the rest of the tenants. I don’t see Ghiradelli being any sort of draw for Boston. Uniglo’s are popping up everywhere and there is nothing special about their clothing. Neuhaus is extremely high end and doesn’t fit Faneuil Hall
    The place needs really good local restaurants, not bars. It needs unique stores that people won’t mind traveling to see.
    There is no vision here.

  5. I agree this is deplorable. The BRA and Boston Landmark Cimmision are breaking their own laws and guidelines in place to protect Faneuil Hall as stated below:

    Page 47. Article 10.2

    Interior Volume

    1. The full unobstructed volume and spatial relationships of designated interior spaces shall be maintained.

    Blocking the rotunda would clearly disrupt the flow thru the market thereby obstructing the spatial relationship.

    And this isn’t the only rule they are breaking. You can find the guidelines on the website.

    The BRA is not only allowing structural changes illegally they are not protecting the integrity of the marketplace. They are allowing this historic property to be turned into a mall for the sole benefit of lining the pockets of a big corporation…the landlords.

    I think the National Landmark Commision in DC needs to be involved to champion this cause and protect this cherished national landmark.

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