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Notable News: 1955 Damage to Old North, DeCunto’s Trump Portrait, 5 Condo Towers and More!

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The Old North Church gets repaired, photo by Thomas O'Connor, The Boston Globe.
The Old North Church gets repaired, photo by Thomas O’Connor, The Boston Globe.

Region remembers anniversary of powerful Hurricane Carol

Hurricane Carol, the 1955 storm that rummaged through New England with winds pushing 100 mph caused the entire top of the Old North Church steeple to toppled down and smash on the streets below. The storm lead to the steeple requiring “extensive repairs,” continue reading at, The Boston Globe.

The lowdown on 5 condo towers coming to Boston

Taking the five major tower developments of downtown Boston and boiling the information down for each project, the details include the expected completion date of the project, the number of units, the height of the building, price range, and other information. Take a look at, The Boston Globe for more information.

Donald Trump signs painting by Giovanni DeCunto (Image courtesy of Giovanni DeCunto Facebook’s page)

North End artist paints portrait for fundraiser

Giovanni DeCunto, renowned painter who lives and works in the North End, created a portrait of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump for a fundraiser held in Norwood by Ernie Boch Jr. The portrait of Trump hung in Boch’s mansion during the event and was signed by the subject as well. Read the story at the Boston Herald.

Boston’s culinary past inspires the New Boston Cooking School

America’s Test Kitchen is holding classes for the New Boston Cooking School at the Boston Public Market.  However, the history of the school dates back to long before the Boston Public Market, in fact, the school has ties to the Industrial Aid Society which offered free cooking classes in “Boston’s primarily-immigrant North End in 1880.” Read the article at,

An Asian twist on the Moscow Mule

Crudo, the Japanese Asian-fusion restaurant on Salem Street in the North End, is serving up craft cocktails to go along with their imported list of beer and sake.  One cocktail that stands out is the Social Mule, a twist on the Moscow Mule that uses organic ginjo sake, The Boston Globe has more on the popular drink.

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  1. My two brothers and I were eye witness to the collapse of the Old North Church during hurricane Carol– the worst hurricane in Boston’s weather history. We had front row seats sitting on the bed in our parents’ master bedroom. Our family building on Hanover Street faced (and still does, of course) the church and we watched it sway and it was exciting and frightening at the same time. Boston Fire Department, during the midst of that killer storm, literally harnessed the steeple so that the inevitable collapse would be somewhat contained. It finally collapsed causing billows of yellow and gray what looked like smoke to us but was more likely demolition like dust. Our family was also able to observe the building of the new steeple. We subsequently learned that the new steeple is, in fact, an exact replica of the “original” Old North Church steeple. ?

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