The Weekender: New Mare and Public Market Openings, ATM Scam, “Save Our North End Waterfront” and More!

Recapping the “crucial” articles from around the neighborhood, the following is a list of posts over the last week that got the most traffic!

Top Posts of the Week:

Mare Opening on Hanover Street, photo by Matt Conti.
Mare Opening on Hanover Street, photo by Matt Conti.

Take a Look Inside Mare Oyster Crudo and Seafood Bar

The latest venture from Frank DePasquale brings Mare Oyster Crudo and Seafood Bar to the Hanover Street location that formerly housed Ida’s Ristorante.  View the post for photo coverage by Matt Conti, capturing the essence of the unique patio and North End dining experience.

Bank ATM Skimmer Makes Withdrawal on Hanover Street

A suspect made withdrawals at a Citizens Bank ATM on Hanover Street using a skimming device in Medway, Mass. that stole a victim’s bank card number and PIN and led to $10,000 being withdrawn from an account. Read more for tips on how to avoid theft to your card and how you can help authorities identify the suspects.

Boston Public Market Opening, photo by Matt Conti.
Boston Public Market Opening, photo by Matt Conti.

Boston Public Market Opens With 37 Local Vendors [Photo Gallery]

The long-awaited, highly anticipated opening of the Boston Public Market has finally arrived. With vendors from Massachusetts and New England, the public market has a diverse range of foods, including fresh honey, meats, local produce, donuts and more! View the post for Matt Conti’s photo coverage of the market in action.

Endicott Street Intersection to be Reconfigured at North Washington Street

The intersection at Endicott Street and North Washington Street is set to be reconstructed, making the intersection to go straight into Commercial Street, no longer veering left.  Read the article about more projects planned for Connect Historic Boston and Causeway Street reconstruction projects.

“Save Our North End Waterfront” Volunteers Sign Up for Lewis Wharf Hotel Opposition

The Pilot House was jam-packed as residents expressed their opposition to the Lewis Wharf Hotel development. In hopes of organizing the “Save Our North End Waterfront” movement, supporters are planning to knock doors in the neighborhood to gain support from residents.  Read the post for more information on their opposition and their plan for future meetings and events.

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