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“Save Our North End Waterfront” Volunteers Sign Up for Lewis Wharf Hotel Opposition

Standing room only at the Pilot House (Photo: Michael Malm)
Standing room only at the Pilot House (Photo: Michael Malm)

News from the July 29th meeting of “Save Our North End Waterfront” at the Pilot House:

Over one hundred North End Waterfront residents gathered at the Pilot House to voice their opposition to and organize against the proposed Lewis Wharf Hotel development. “Save Our North End Waterfront,” a community opposition group, organized the meeting as an important step for residents to learn about the process and sign up for volunteer activities.

Core neighborhood activists committed to knocking on doors throughout August and September to encourage families, residents, and businesses to take prompt and proactive action as a community to save the neighborhood from a new large-scale development. Other volunteer activities will include putting up window signs, distributing flyers, and attending future meetings and events.

“This development would negatively impact our community and our historic Boston Harbor,” said Barbara McNeil, a North End resident. “It would restrict waterfront access and eliminate the historic connection of the neighborhood to the Harbor.”

At the meeting, condominium residents represented several North End/Waterfront buildings from Lewis Wharf, Prince Building, Commercial Wharf, the Mariner, Union Wharf, Lincoln Wharf, Battery Wharf, Harbor Towers, in addition to other residents from various buildings in the North End.

The next “Save Our North End Waterfront” meeting is scheduled for September 23 at 6pm at the Nazzaro Center.

In addition to attending the September 23 meeting, organizers of “Save Our North End Waterfront” are encouraging residents to sign an online petition and sign up for email updates and volunteer opportunities.

10 Replies to ““Save Our North End Waterfront” Volunteers Sign Up for Lewis Wharf Hotel Opposition

  1. Enough is Enough the North End is already been through enough now the waterfront, its all too much to handle for the North End and Waterfront is a small area and should be left alone, yes its historic, but its already been compromised. Thank you Angela

  2. ANGELA, No truer words were ever spoken. We all sat back as they took piece by piece of
    land away from us & now this project. One would think this was a live or die situation, but all
    it comes down to is GREED. This tiny area we live in is already extremely congested and now
    they want to shove this project down our throats. Let’s fight to the bitter end, and involve the
    media anyway we can. Who said you can’t fight City Hall? The Strength is in NUMBERS and
    this was a Great Turnout & the next step is we can Protest out City Hall. Angela, like you said,

  3. if all you people are so concerned about greed, why don’t you fight against all these basements and roofs being converted to living units so that landlords can squeeze a few more bodies into the north end and few more bucks into their pockets every year? the hypocrisy in the north end is unbelievable.

  4. we have enough hotels. if the hotel does not become financially feasible then they will stick you with condos or rentals. yes, it is greed. high rises are ruining the nature of our city. as they are forcing the casino down our throats, boston will turn into one be traffic jam.

  5. I like the proposal. Cleans up a blighted area. Better to have a low-rise that complies with zoning than a 600 foot high-rise the BRA will approve if this proposal is killed!

  6. CHRIS SABBEY, This is not necessarily the case, they can put a project together like they did
    at the Assembly Sq. Mall. The area looks great, but the rents are high. I think that is a great
    way to clean up the area, without having to deal with Traffic Jams like CHRIS WOLFF mentioned.
    I love Casinos, but this is too close to the City & it will cause havoc in all the surrounding cities.

    TRUTH, you are also right. The reason why these landlords are squeezing everything they can
    out of their properties by adding additional floors & putting apts. in basements is because the
    City allows it & God only knows how many PAYOFFS are going on. The only thing I can say in
    favor of these additions, they are already existing buildings & hopefully they are not infringing on
    the surrounding abutters. Why do I say PAYOFFS? Prince St. had a restaurant that was
    handicap accessible & the restrooms were put down the Basement when the new owner took
    over. How do you think this happened, P A Y O F F. The City conveniently turned their heads
    the other way. The City always makes out on the Deal no matter what. Taxes, Taxes, & more
    Taxes. GREED.

  7. Joan of Arc – You want to put a high rise apartment project on the waterfront? Assembly Square??

    1. CHRIS, I want to put the High Rise Apts. in the Everett Area where they want to build a Casino,
      not our Waterfront. I hope I cleared up this matter. Traffic is worse than ever & a Casino in Everett will hurt Boston & the surrounding Cities. The thought is Frightening.

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