Endicott Street Intersection to be Reconfigured at North Washington Street

As part of the Connect Historic Boston and Causeway Street reconstruction projects, the intersection at Endicott Street and North Washington Street will be reconfigured. Endicott Street will no longer veer left but will now be a straight run into the Commercial Street intersection. Endicott Street is expected to have its own cycle in the traffic light at the intersection.

As a result of the change, the size of the sidewalk on the corner of Filippo’s (near the Boston North End sign/bench) will be reduced and space will be added to the island between Endicott and N. Washington Street as shown in the diagram. Work is expected to be completed in the next few months on the Causeway Street intersection.

For more on the Connect Historic Boston project, the cycle track bike lanes and its impact on Commercial Street, see this previous post.

6 Replies to “Endicott Street Intersection to be Reconfigured at North Washington Street

  1. Ok can someone tell me how will u take a left to go onto causeway st if needed to hope it’s not that u need to drive more to do it I see a big problem here

  2. This is the Best News I have heard in a Long time. I think this will eliminate a lot of traffic problems
    & make everything flow more smoothly, especially where this is a heavily congested area.

    1. My father lived at 182 Endicott St. He passed away 1/18/1990. Will this change that area, or the Restaurant Massimo i beleive thats their name.?

  3. Adding another light cycle at an already busy intersection with long waits due to the current light cycle will further back up traffic coming up Commercial Street from the North End-Waterfront. This, on top of the backups on the Atlantic Ave side of the neighborhood due to the loss of one lane for the bike lanes will further the traffic chaos in the neighborhood. All for more bike lanes.

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