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Notable News: Faneuil Hall Backlash, Teachers Learn Tourniquets, Vermont Food In BPM, Scopa Licensing and More!

Taking into account the countless number of news sources in the greater Boston area, from major Newspapers to local news websites and neighborhood blogs, we touch upon every type of source to bring you the articles that pertain to the North End / Waterfront.

Design renderings of the new retail pavilion that would replace the flower kiosk next to Quincy Market. Courtesy of Elkus Manfredi Architects, The Boston Globe.

Plan for Faneuil Hall makeover runs into resistance

The new company that operates Faneuil Hall unveiled a plan for the iconic Boston property, they sought a $40 million to $60 million dramatic makeover, “designed to make it more of a year-round destination and a magnet for a broader array of visitors.” Unfortunately for them, many tenants are worries about their future and many fear that “the public realm is going away with these changes.” Continue reading the article at, The Boston Globe.

Funeral held for former Mafia figure Frank Angiulo in North End

Frank Angiulo was laid to rest Wednesday with the funeral taking place at St. Leonard’s Church on Hanover Street, just steps away from his Prince Street office where him and his family ran the Mafia from the 1960s to the 1980s. Although he was never married and had no kids, the service drew hundreds of mourners who came out to pay their respects to the life long North End resident. View video and see photos at, The Boston Globe.

The Boston Globe
Dr. David King showing St. John’s School teacher Marilyn Frissora the proper way to use a tourniquet. Photo by Keith Bedford, The Boston Globe.

Teachers learn lesson on how tourniquets can save lives

Teachers at the North End’s St. John’s School took time after work to learned a simple technique that could save lives. Teaching the teachers the proper use of a tourniquet to stop bleeding is an effort that was born after the tragic event that took place at the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, CT.  The school is thought to be the first in the area where every educator is trained in the proper use of a tourniquet, do you know how to properly apply a tourniquet? Read the article and learn more at, The Boston Globe.

Old MBTA photos

The MBTA is engraved in Boston history, through all the transitions the MBTA has been through over the decades, it was developed right alongside the rest of Boston. Take a flip through memory lane, showing the history of the transportation system across the city of Boston. Slide #30 shows the devastation after the molasses flood 1919, which damaged girders of the elevated line and tipped over a train. View the post at,

Testing Teasint
The Boston Public Market is set to open next month, rendering courtesy of Boston Public Market, VPR.

State Partners With Westminster Farm To Sell Vermont Food In Boston

The soon-to-open Boston Public Market will be hosting a vendor from Vermont who will be selling organic produce, dairy and maple products from around the state. The state of Vermont has partnered with a Harlow Farm to operate Harlow’s Vermont Farmstand, who could not be more excited about the “great exposure, both from visitors to Boston as well as local Bostonians.” Read more on the Vermont farm, their history and how they came to be in Boston at, VPR.

13 restaurant dishes that rule this town

The title of the article speaks for itself, and how could you mention any type of restaurant accolades in Boston without bringing up at lease one restaurant in the North End? The Lobster (lobstah) Roll at Neptune Oyster makes the list, the difference is the brioche bun from Iggy’s, “overflowing with fresh, sweet meat.” Read more on this top dish along with the rest of the list at, The Boston Globe.

With Unanimous North End Approval, Scopa Seeks City Permits

Scopa, a “refined Italian restaurant” is planning to move into the Hanover Street location that formerly housed Pomodoro. After a unanimous approval by the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council, Scopa hopes to secure a beer, wine, and cordials license. Read more at, Boston Eater.

A North End restaurant plan hits a temporary snag

Plans for the new Hanover Street restaurant “Scopa” had a hiccup this past week when the city Licensing Board deferred action on a decision for 30 days, the Licensing Board hasn’t yet issued what’s called a formal “statement of reasons” for its decision to delay. Boston Business Journal has more on the plans for the 22-seat, 450 square foot restaurant.

GoPro Boston: North End and Faneuil Hall

Fast forward to around the 3rd minute (3:00) and take a look at this GoPro video of a familiar area. Strolling out of the tunnel and throughout the North End neighborhood, can you map out the route and name each street along the way?  Take a look at the You Tube video.

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