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Voting Results from NEWRA’s 1/18/2011 Meeting

NEWRA LogoThere were three votes at tonight’s meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). Below are the proposed applications and the voting results.

99 Salem Street, Mercato del Mare, Liz Ventura and Keri Cassidy seek Board of Appeal approval to change the use of the building’s basement level from retail food market to retail food market with take-out.
Vote: 29 support, 0 oppose — NEWRA supports the application.

227-237 Hanover Street, Tresca Restaurant, Tresca Restaurant Group, LLC has applied to the Licensing Board for the City of Boston to extend the hours of operation in the existing C.V. All-Alcohol Beverage License from midnight, 7 days, to 1:00 AM, 7 days.  The existing alcohol license is one of 45 new licenses made available to the City of Boston by act of the State Legislature signed by the Governor in December 2006.
Vote: 10 support, 19 oppose — NEWRA opposes the application.

Miguel Gomez-Ibanez, President of the North Bennet Street School, provided an update on the School’s proposal to move to the former City of Boston Printing Building at the corner of Richmond and North streets.
Vote: 25 support, 2 oppose — NEWRA supports a proposal by the North Bennet Street School to move to the North Street printing plant and adjacent building (former police station). 

In addition to the voting items above, David Kubiak, co-chair of NEWRA’s Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee, made a presentation on neighborhood alcohol licenses (number, locations, types of licenses and hours), recent Licensing Board decisions, current and expected alcohol license applications, and state legislative bill regarding the proposed transfer of existing Logan Airport alcohol licenses into Boston neighborhoods.

Watch for more details on the above items in upcoming posts.

3 Replies to “Voting Results from NEWRA’s 1/18/2011 Meeting

  1. whoops! it's too early. I should have said, Does anyone know why there were two opposed votes to the proposed move by the North Bennett St. School? Thanks!

  2. I think the NEWRA vote on the NBSS moving to the old print building was a wee bit premature. Do they have a signed agreement with the CIty for the building? Have they raised the money? Is the building even for sale yet?

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