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Disaster Averted as Trash Fire Squashed on Thacher Street

A quick thinking manager at Pizzeria Regina put out a trash fire at 13 Thacher Street on Friday morning. Janine Coppola shares this photo noting that it could have really become a serious fire since there was a huge pile of trash in the pile. Neighbors allege someone from 13 Thacher put something that was already on fire on top of the trash pile without thinking of the consequences.

2 Replies to “Disaster Averted as Trash Fire Squashed on Thacher Street

  1. There is a piece of addressed mail in that pile of trash. If forwarded via Citizen Connect, a ticket WITH a fine can be issued.

    1. Tommye , The No. End Residents have been fighting over Trash Issues for years & the reason why this is still going on
      is due to LACK OF ENFORCEMENT & the Fines are definitely not High enough.

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