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Boston Water & Sewer Work Floods Hanover Street

Extensive street flooding on Tuesday morning closed down Hanover Street along the Freedom Trail in Boston’s North End. The problem came about as part of the current sewer work in the neighborhood. Philip Frattaroli captures the scene in the tweet below saying, “Like a trip to Venice without the flight!”


One Reply to “Boston Water & Sewer Work Floods Hanover Street

  1. I am holding my breath!!!!!!! Last February 21, 2014 the Boston Water and Sewer Dept. while trying to tend to a slow moving sewer pipe~~~~~Blasted an underground sewer line with a motorized jet of power from their truck~~~and blew tons of dirty water, sewer waste, human fesses and God knows what else into our basements on Fulton Street !!! Disgusting !!
    Now seeing what looks like another mistake on Hanover Street~~~I am scared to Death !!

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