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“Semper Ubi, Sub Ubi” Nazzaro Members Heading to Boston Latin

BLS Class of 2021 (left to right) Sam Sullivan, Sonny Fazio, Liam Riley, Charles Griffin, Lucy Edelstein-Rosenberg, Vanessa Coreas and Victoria Taieb

A record number of Nazzaro Center program members were accepted into the prestigious Boston Latin School, the oldest public school in the country and arguably its best.

These seven young men and women, all entering the 7th grade, will begin school in the fall as the class of 2021 and will follow in the footsteps of such historical figures as John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams,  Joseph Kennedy and Leonard Bernstein, all of whom graduated from Latin School.

More recent Nazzaro alumni  graduates include Francesca DiPrizio, Madeleine Higgins, Jasper Schilling, and Erica Szulc while current students include seniors Francis Dwyer, Ross Garrity, juniors TJ Shea, Max Agin, Solomon Taieb, sophomores Dani Pezzuto, Zachary Taieb, Sophie Edelstein-Rosenberg, freshman Maya Sen-Jennings, Class V members Griffin Black, Dashiell Higgins, Evan Frechette, Maria Fountas and “sixies”Calvin Szulc, Antonio Romano, Sarah Knotts, Dominic Orlando, Nolan Ward and  Matthew Mendoza.

These 7 new inductees may not realize now what all the aforementioned students and graduates have come to realize over their time spent at Latin, but they are about to join an exclusive group of alumni who have distinguished themselves in all fields of public and private life with alumni chapters in every state of the Union as well as many foreign countries.

Congratulations and Good Luck to the class of ‘21!