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Neighborhood Photo: William Dawes Stops in North End

William Dawes was spotted tending to his horses off Harris Street by Dr. Joe Mendola, who went down to wish him a good ride later that evening to Lexington.


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2 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: William Dawes Stops in North End

  1. Great that the horse was reenacting an important event but someone failed to cleanup after the horse. There was serious Horse Shit on Harris Street late this morning. Unfortunately a car drove over it and now it is just a mess. Hoping the rain is hard enough to clean off the street.

  2. Sheila, You are absolutely right. The only thing I disagree about is we should not have to hope the rain washes this
    away. These people should be able to take responsibility for the horses actions, and be able to call for a clean up
    crew if this should take place again. The No. End is already dealing with far too much trash, people just put it out Trash
    whenever they want & Trash the neighborhood enough without this adding to the situation.. People only get away with
    what you allow them to get away with & the No. End can sometimes look like the City Dump, due to lack of enforcement.
    The City caters to the Tourist & has for a longtime now, and the Residents, if you don’t like move. I wish I didn’t have
    to say this, but it is the TRUTH, like it or not. I do not see any Political Figures trying to change this either. They have
    had years to try to correct this problem.

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