Eliot Students Create Models for “Our Boston” Exhibit

Eliot Kinder 2 students taught by Ms. Florence Yee created a marvelous model of Boston. The class model has been selected to be part of the Our Boston exhibit at City Hall. Models will be on display in the mezzanine area from Thursday, April 23rd through Friday, May 1st.

The students constructed an indoor playground because they wanted to make Boston a fairer and more interesting place for children. “In case it is too cold, rainy, or snowing, children can come here to learn and play,” says Helen, a student in Ms. Yee’s class. There are houses surrounding the indoor playground because they need more houses for our families who are homeless. They have a public entrance into the indoor playground that has a language museum, a water park section, a food bar, a petting zoo, and a rescue shelter giving out free pets. They even have a goop studio for children to play with goop, make it, and take it home.

“The Eliot has some amazing architects!” says Principal Traci Griffith, “maybe one day some of these ideas will really happen in Boston!”

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  1. What thoughtfulness, creativity, and lovely generous spirits these kindergarteners have! Congratulations to Ms.Yee and Dr. Griffith for encouraging young children to be thinking about others and homeless families, homeless animals, and languages represented in a language museum. Children’s critical thinking skills are honed early on. I’m proud to live in this school’s shadow.

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