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Dom Campochiaro Remembered at Annual St. Mark’s Society Mass & Breakfast

On Sunday April 26 the Societa Cattolica Italiana di San Marco, St. Mark’s Society, held its annual Mass and breakfast at Sacred Heart Church and St. John’s school hall. The Mass was in honor of the deceased members of the society and was the tenth anniversary Mass for Armando, “Eddie”, Vignolo the longtime president of the St. Mark’s Society and a devoted parishioner of Sacred Heart Church.

At the breakfast following the Mass, former society member Joseph, “Dom DiMaggio”, Campochiaro was honored for his many years of service to the children of the North End. Arthur, “Sonny”, Laurentano presented his wife Marie and son Dominick with a citation outlining Dom’s many charitable works.

The St. Mark’s Society was founded in 1884 for the purpose of obtaining a Catholic church for the newly arriving Italian immigrants. The society was able to raise money and purchase the Reverend Edward Thompson Taylor’s Bethel in North Square from the Boston Port and Seamen’s Aid Society. Through the tireless efforts of Ben and Richard Molinari the society has remained active and they deserve a special thanks for helping preserve the Italian heritage of the North End.