Successful Post Valentine’s Day Party by Boston Community Collaborative [Photos]


DSC_8950 (640x424)

A fabulous time was had by all who came out to the 2nd Annual Neighborhood Post Valentine’s Day Party hosted by Boston Community Collaborative.

A few of my favorite things about the party:

  • A ton of snow didn’t stop it – everyone was able to walk to their local Community Center to gather.
  • The cookie decorating.
  • The Valentine’s made – specifically one made for me by my second favorite Charlie ever (my son is my first favorite Charlie ever).
  • The Seely family making the trek across the C-town bridge, WITH A CASE of waters stuffed in their backpacks as their contribution to the party.
  • The age range of folks who came. The youngest was a baby just a couple of weeks old, the oldest was a grandfather there with his grandkids. There were folks of all ages.
  • The gym itself – even though there were older kids hurling footballs around, there was plenty of room at the other end of the gym for less vigorous activity for the quieter or smaller guys.
  • The 12 o’clock folks who had the gym reserved cancelled because of the storm so we didn’t have to leave until 2! Thank you Carl Ameno!
  • Everyone who came to the party respectfully brought dry shoes, or went shoeless. And everyone who came chipped in to help clean up. Everyone was also very respectful of one another in their activities – it was great to see.

Thank you to all who came, pitched in to help make it a great time!