Boston Ranks in Top 3 for Best Cities to Find Love

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend. Let’s forget for a moment that Boston is setting snow accumulation records. Instead, let’s bask in the heart-warming glow knowing that Boston is one of the top three cities for finding love! That’s right, the folks at Zillow looked at U.S. cities with more than 250,000 residents and identified those with the highest percentage of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who could also afford a night on the town.

Coming in right behind #1 Washington D.C. and #2 Atlanta, Boston ranked third using criteria such as the percentage of singles, disposable income and the number of date spots per capita. With over 100 restaurants in the tiny North End, I’m guessing the neighborhood would also score pretty well on those criteria.

Boston’s population consists of a whopping 69% singles with over 10% arriving just in the past year. Even though the median singles disposable income (less rent) of $13,835 is on the low end, our fair city boasts 39 date spots per 10,000 people. Check out all the “lovely” numbers below or at the Zillow research post.

Courtesy of: Zillow