Bully Vandalizes and Defaces Car to Scare Resident Out of Parking Spot

A North End resident sends in this story and warning about a bully that vandalized their car and defaced it with a large orange sticker in an attempt to scare them out of a residential street parking spot. The victim has reported the incident to the police and asked not to have his/her name used here.

Like many, I have shoveled out my car and parking spot on the street multiple times this winter. The last round took me 3 hours, chipping away at ice and snow. A few nights ago, I parked in a vacant street spot with no space saver. The spot I had shoveled myself had been taken (more than once) and the space saver ignored.

The following morning I went to my car to find a large, FAKE violation sticker placed on my windshield and vandalism to my car (scratches, keyed). The sticker was alarming and said that my car was “parked illegally,” that I was “subject to impoundment” and that my “license number was recorded.”

I didn’t realize the sticker was fake at first, but it didn’t make sense. Why would I get a sticker and not a ticket for a violation? I was the only car on my block targeted with the sticker.

For those of us who shoveled out our spots multiple times this winter, I have never chosen the path of vandalizing someone else’s car when my space saver was disregarded.

I want to get the word out that this is a scare tactic. It is also illegal. It is a very unsettling feeling to know that you are a target in your own neighborhood and that someone has deliberately harmed you and tried to bully you away from parking legally.