View from the North End Nursing and Rehab Residence (Photo by Janet Gilardi)

So far, I have not seen or heard on television any planning for snow removal of the North End’s Neighborhood Streets~~~other than the North End’s Tourist Streets !!! (and there is a difference between the two). I will not complain about my own itches !!! I know it has been very hard for every mountain to be tended to !!!

In front of the Nursing/Rehab Home, on Fulton Street, there is a huge mound of snow ! The City Plows have made this area into a Snow Farm !


I understand that this is not a public facility, but, out of respect~~~ These residents and rehab patients are not in prison for a crime, and “DO NOT” deserve to be punished !!

For the most part, “this front window” is their only link to the outside world ! When these sick or elderly patients do try to sit there ~~~~ the reflection of the sun on the white snow hurts your eyes !! ( I sat there myself~~so I know this is true).

Not only that, but, this area is zoned for ambulance stops !!

Sooner rather than later, we will all be getting older and looking for a little respect ? Please, let’s not forget our beloved elderly? Thank You !!

Side view outside the North End Nursing and Rehab Residence (Photo by Janet Gilardi)



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