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Battery Wharf Hotel & Aragosta Receive Support on License Transfer from Neighborhood Council

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) voted unanimously, 6-0, to support an alcohol license transfer application by the Battery Wharf Hotel. Toronto’s Westmont Hospitality Group in partnership with Thomas Tan of Bestford Hospitality Group has recently purchased the hotel and restaurant operations from the Fairmont. The hotel has already dropped “Fairmont” from its name, resulting in simply the “Battery Wharf Hotel.” It will be affiliated with the consortium, Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd.

In addition to hotel operations, the license covers the Aragosta restaurant and potential expansion at 2 other vacant restaurant areas on the property. Operations are expected to remain the same at the Aragosta restaurant and no physical changes are expected, according to representatives of new Westmont owner. Attending the meeting were Battery Wharf Hotel General Manager Trish Berry, Food & Beverage Director John Collins and Attorney Joe Devlin.

The all-alcohol license is being purchased from Sweet Basil, Inc. d/b/a The Cactus Club to replace Battery Wharf’s existing Innholder License which cannot be transferred to new owner. Because the old license will disappear, there is no new net increase in neighborhood licenses.

The closing hour on the license is 2 a.m. for inside operations. The outside patio closes at 11:00 p.m.

The supportive NEWNC vote aligns with that of NEWRA. Both groups are advisory to the Boston Licensing Board that will make the final determination.

Please view the video above for the full discussion at NEWNC from its meeting on February 23, 2015.