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Notable News: Less Plane Noise, City Landing Closing, Greenway Housing, Molasses Flood Inspiration, Rising Tide, Big Dig & More!

As I search through dozens of news outlets looking for stories that pertain to the North End / Waterfront, I put the noteworthy articles into one simple, convenient post. As time consuming as it can be, the Notable News post has made keeping up with the local news as easy as can be!

Logan to resume overnight takeoffs over the ocean; move should mean less noise

After two planes got too close for comfort near Washington Reagan National Airport, the FAA suspended “opposite direction runway operations.” This practice aims to do all landings and departures over the water, meaning that planes are flying in opposite directions onto adjacent runways. According to State officials, Logan airport will resume this practice on January 16th. Read the story at, UniversalHub

A rendering of the proposed building at 110 Broad Street. This view is looking at the building from the Greenway. Courtesy Finegold Alexander and Associates, The Boston Herald.

More housing set to sprout on Greenway

Another residential building development is set to throw their hat into the ring of project proposals along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Located on Broad Street, this building would consist of 12-stories with 52 residential units and first-floor restaurant/retail space.  New Boston Ventures hopes the development will, “fill in a gap in the urban fabric along the Greenway.” Read the article at the Boston Herald

Can We Talk Rationally About the Big Dig Yet?

Although three decades have passed since the initial planning for “The Big Dig,” construction only stopped seven years ago. The long and enduring construction project which costed more than $24 billion, still does not sit will with residents in the area who lived through the development. Has enough time passed where residents may be ready to move on? See the article at,

Video: The Old City and the Sea: Boston’s Evolving Dance with Water

Julie Wormser, the Executive Director of the Boston Harbor Association, hosted a panel to discuss the changes in Boston’s landscape, particularly to climate change threatening coastal flooding. The event was filmed in entirety, view the video and read more at The Boston Harbor Association

A photo showing the aftermath of the molasses flood in Boston’s North End. Courtesy of

The Flame in the Flood – The Rising Tide of the Molasses Flood

Many North Enders know and some may even remember the molasses flood that poured through the streets of the neighborhood in 1919. The tank full of molasses bursted, killing 21 and injuring over 150 people. This story inspired a gaming company based in Cambridge called, The Molasses Flood, “It’s almost funny at face-value, but once you dive into it, it’s a super grim story.” View the post at,

City Landing on the Boston Waterfront Is Closing

At close of business this Saturday, City Landing will be shutting down their restaurant located on Boston’s Waterfront. Owner and chef, Bill Brodsky, will become cheif culinary officer for Boston Nightlife Ventures, a company that owns Forum, Griddler’s, Tap Trailhouse, Wink & Nod. Read more of the article at, Boston Restaurant Talk.

Growth of fantasy sports spurs legal questions

Local football fantasy fans were in awe when North End brothers Robert and David Gomes won $1 million using an online fantasy football website called DraftKings. This form of fantasy football has emerged as a billion-dollar industry, but many question is it gambling? Gomes said he wouldn’t lump fantasy games in with sports betting or gambling, “a lot of homework goes into it.” View the post at, South Coast Today.

Can a Time Capsule Capture a Legacy?

Many may have heard that a time capsule was removed from the State House in December and officials from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts will display the contents of the time capsule that is one of the oldest so-called time capsules in the country. Based on the X-rays that were previously released, read what the experts believe the contents include at,

Many North End residents experience this first hand. Photo courtesy of BDCwire, powered by

Suffolk Students Party Through Exam Week, According to New Boston-Based App Wigo

Although the Boston area schools seem to calm down around finals week, the partying is still maintaining a higher level when compared to other colleges in New England. As many students lock themselves in libraries for hours on end, Suffolk University does not let finals get in the way of partying. An app concludes that 40% of Suffolk students party through exam week. Continue reading at, BDCwire

Boston crafts school hosts talk about African Americans and craft on January 13

Boston’s North Bennet Street School in the North End neighborhood will be hosting a talk: “Making it in America: African Americans and Craft.” The featured speaker is Lowery Stokes Sims, chief curator at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City and an expert on the work of African, Latino, Native and Asian American artists. For event details and more, read the article.

Littlest Bar could be forced to move again

A new 12-story condo building on Broad Street could turn the historic Bulfinch building that houses the Littlest Bar into a lobby for the new building and some residential units, while also threatening Times Pub. Plans have already been submitted to the BRA, read more at UniversalHub.

North End Engagement Session: Amanda + Gerard

Even though this is not prime wedding season in the neighborhood, a couple had their engagement photos taken with the neighborhood decked out in holiday spirit. Many of the familiar North End attractions set the scene for the newly engaged couple who are set to be married in just about one year. See the photos at, Julie Surette Photography.

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