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Police Report on Assault, Arrest, Robbery and Larcenies at Public Safety Meeting [Video]

It has been a relatively quiet month in the North End as measured by the very low number of reported incidents at Thursday’s Public Safety meeting with District A-1 Boston Police. Leading the meeting were Neighborhood Council Public Safety Committee Chair David Marx, BPD Captain Kenneth Fong, BPD Sergeant James Chin, BPD Lt. Detective Chuck Wilson, BPD Officer Teddy Boyle and Suffolk University’s Rich Grelish. The meeting was held on December 4, 2014 at the Nazzaro Community Center. View the video above for the full meeting with time marked highlights noted below.

(01:00 in video) There was only one arrest in the last month for breaking and entering at 11 Charter Street. At 3am on November 15th, officers responded and found an arguing couple. The ex-girlfriend was placed under arrest for breaking in and destroying property.

(2:20) A purse snatch occurred on November 20th at Cross and Salem Streets at 2:45 a.m. The suspect dragged the victim until she let go of the purse. He subsequently escaped in a car. Using a partial license plate from the victim and leads of fraudulent credit card use, detectives are continuing this investigation.

(4:45) Auto theft report at 190 Commercial Street, 2009 Nissan Versa during the overnight hours on November 24th.

(5:30) Six larcenies were reported in the past 30 days:

  • 42 Prince Street – frog statue worth $200 stolen from in front of a store
  • 443 Hanover Street – scam by a woman on the street to get money
  • 150 North Street – iPad stolen along with cash
  • 7 Bartlett Place – Bicycle stolen worth $150
  • 1 Wiget Street – iPad found missing from apartment, no sign of forced entry
  • 250 Hanover Street – Fiore restaurant valet, left car and found handbag taken from vehicle

(7:20) 75 Endicott Street – Female victim reports that she was pushed by an intoxicated, 28 year old, white, red-headed male suspect as she was entering her Endicott Street residence. While in the front foyer of the building he stated “You are so pretty, give me a kiss and don’t tell my girlfriend.” The victim was able to shove the suspect out, close and lock the front door denying access to the suspect who fled the area. The suspect does not match the description of perpetrators identified in past North End sexual assaults.

(8:30) Resident Q&A with Boston Police

  • Hazmat truck enforcement during restricted hours.
  • Valet parkers making u-turns on Hanover Street.

(13:10) BPD Officer Teddy Boyle will be honored with the Fred Carangelo Award at this year’s North End Christmas Lunch on December 11th at Filippo’s Ristorante, 297 Causeway Street.

The January 2015 North End Public Safety Meeting, typically on the first Thursday of the month, will be re-scheduled to avoid the New Year’s holiday. Please check the Events Calendar for updates.