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LED Street Lights Installed on Hanover Street

Public Works started changing out the street light bulbs on Hanover Street this week, replacing them with LED lighting. The new LED lights are expected to last 15 years, about 3 times that of the city’s traditional mercury vapor or sodium lights.

Most noticeable is the true white color rather than the warmer yellow glow of traditional lights. Public Works also says that the lights will result in fewer dark spots because it is more spread out rather than just under the pole. LED lights can be directed with secondary optics that can also be used to “point” the light away from home and business windows. The new lights also use 60% less energy, reducing carbon emissions. In this first phase, the City is expected to save $2.8 million annually versus an installation cost of $6.8 million.

Thanks to Stephen Passacantilli for sharing these photos on Hanover Street.