The Weekender: Assault Arrest, Jeopardy Contestant, Throwback Class Photo

The top posts of the week end up here! It could be anything from local stories to development plans, or simply just North End / Waterfront news.  Regardless, we put together the most popular posts on, allowing you to catch up on the top stories from around the neighborhood. 

Top Posts This Week:

Dan Tran with Alex Trebec
Dan Tran with Alex Trebec (NEWF Photo)

Local Businessman’s Son Appears on Jeopardy

A lifelong goal has been achieved by Dan Tran, the son of Lam Tran, a part owner of Bob’s Grocery located on Endicott Street. After a two year journey waiting and competing to get on the show, Dan tied his first night and fell short in his second show appearance. Read more details on his experience and the process to get on the gameshow.

Obituary: Maria DiTullio of Medford and Boston’s North End

Former North End resident, Maria DiTullio, currently of Medford, was laid to rest this week at St. Raphael’s Church in West Medford. View post for more.

A kid from New York City played playing in the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Photo courtesy of Jessica Rinaldi, The Boston Globe
A kid from New York City playing in the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Photo courtesy of Jessica Rinaldi, The Boston Globe

Notable News: Haymarket Hotel, Greenway Identity, Is the North End Affordable?

Our readers enjoy having one concise post which allows them to keep up with news from all the popular outlets. This post will bring you any and all relevant news posts that pertain to the North End / Waterfront. Continue Reading

Police Recognized Fall River Man Charged in North End Sexual Assault

This past weekend, a North End woman was assaulted by an unknown man while walking home around 3 am. Although the man fled on food, police recognized the man from a previous incident caught on tape from that same night, with the man appearing to be intoxicated.  View Details for more details on the arrest.

The Haymarket Project: Part III – Summer  

A year long project is underway, hoping to capture the changing atmosphere of Haymarket throughout the changing seasons. This third part of the four part series features Summer, observing and viewing the diverse crowds of customers and the changing atmosphere from the vendors. Watch Video

Neighborhood Photo shared by John DiCicco.
Neighborhood Photo shared by John DiCicco.

Editor’s Pick:

1949 Throwback Photo: 8th Grade Class at St. Mary’s School

If this neighborhood photo isn’t a throwback, I don’t know what is. Many may recognize familiar faces, or at least recognize the names. This class photo from St. Mary’s School in 1949 is the most recently featured neighborhood photo. View Post