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Suffolk Students Aim to Encourage Citizen Voting

North End’s own Nicholas Verrocchi and his Suffolk University classmate Kara Nyman, daughter of State Representative Rhonda Nyman, have created a social media campaign to spread awareness about the importance of voting and the electoral process. The campaign came about through Suffolk University’s Government Class, elections and voting, under the leadership of Professor Rachael Cobb.

The site is geared towards Suffolk Students but we invite anyone who is interested in the electoral process to give us a like on Facebook. We are encouraging, through Facebook and tables set up around campus, students to become poll workers, election office staff, and greeters, but most importantly just to get out and VOTE. Keep in mind that it is extremely important for everyone to register to vote, not just Suffolk students.

Please do your share and “Like” our Facebook page named “Go Vote Suffolk.” One can also find this campaign via Twitter and Instagram under the same name, created by other classmates ultimately sharing the same goal.

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