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Notable News: “Congress Square,” Dennis Seidenberg, Historical View Blocked?

Look no further! The following is a compilation of articles from alternate news sources that cover various issues, stories and reviews in the North End / Waterfront.

New plans for Fanueil Hall development to reach BRA

Related Beal, a Boston real estate firm is seeking approval from the City of Boston to develop more restaurants, cafés and retail outlets within a group of buildings in the financial district.  The plan includes a boutique hotel, multi-family residential buildings, and retail on the street level. Read more about the “Congress Square” plan at, The Daily Free Press.

Photo courtesy of UniversalHub
Photo courtesy of UniversalHub

Looks like a plaque on Tremont Street will need an adjustment

Tremont Street is the home to this plaque implanted in the sidewalk that points out the historical Old North Church that can be seen off in the distance, just to the left of City Hall. The new Government Center MBTA station will certainly impose some of the view, even though the structure will be mostly glass, is the structure going to be detrimental to the view? Read more at, UniversalHub.

Door to Door: At home with Bruins D-man

Dennis Seidenberg is a pivotal part of the Bruins defense, when not playing hockey, how does he unwind? This interview shows a different side of Seidenberg who seems to have made the North End his home. Whether it is taking the kids to the carousel on the Greenway or stopping for some food at Monica’s, The Boston Herald has more on the defenseman off the ice.

A family new to the North End took a photo shoot with Christian Pleva
A family new to the North End took a photo shoot with Christian Pleva

North End Family Shoot – Boston Family Photography 

After living in the suburbs, this new family recently moved to the North End neighborhood to experience a lifestyle change and embark on a new adventure. In between eating at all the North End restaurants and watching their favorite Wisconsin sports teams, the family wanted to capture this exciting time for their family. View photos at, Christian Pleva Images.

Jamie Bissonnette on His Charcuterie Cookbook and More

Jamie Bissonnette, who has worked in several restaurants between New York City and Boston, is releasing his first cookbook. Read the interview from the chef who says that when it comes to meat shops in Boston, he prefers Monica’s Salumeria in the North End. Boston Eater has more.

Welcome to Boston Dog Lovers: What You Need to Know…

With dogs coming and going around the city, here is a helpful guide of things to know about having a dog in Boston. From legal matters to emergency services, Boston Zest has details on laws, regulations, and services for your dogs.

Fishing Near North End Boston

In case you are interested in casting out a line around the waterfront, take a look at this fishing forum for details about good fishing areas in the North End / Waterfront area. Whether it is the Summer Street bridge area or around the Coast Guard base, Stripers Online has the spots.

Photo by Aileen McElroy at The Boston Pilot
Photo by Aileen McElroy at The Boston Pilot

North End’s Santa Rosalia di Palermo Society celebrates 75th year

Sunday, September 7th marked the 75th anniversary for the Santa Rosalia di Palermo Society in Boston’s North End. A Mass was held at St. Leonard’s church with coffee and doughnuts, followed by a procession in the Saints honor. The Pilot has more on the patron saint of Palermo, Sicily.

Boston PD: Special Homicide Unit

A new chapter was released in this fictional tale about a Boston Police special homicide unit, titled, “Trip to North End and South Boston.” Read this chapter of this Romance/Sci-Fi story at

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