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Video: Pickup Truck Chased From New Hampshire Ends at Union Wharf on North End Waterfront

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A pickup truck chased from New Hampshire ended up on the North End waterfront on Sunday around 5:00 p.m. when a the truck turned off Commercial Street and crashed through a parking gate at Union Wharf. The truck headed toward the harbor before the two occupants fled the vehicle and headed behind Lincoln Wharf toward Battery street.

Police later said a Peabody man was arrested near North Station. The passenger claimed to be kidnapped although is shown casually walking away from the vehicle in the surveillance video.

The chase started in Salem, N.H. and continued on I-93 southbound. Massachusetts State Police picked up the chase around Stoneham when the truck refused to stop on the highway. Police followed the truck into the O’Neill tunnel where they lost it.

The truck showed up in the North End speeding down Commercial Street shortly before 5pm, according to witnesses. Video shows the vehicle headed into the Union Wharf parking lot by crashing through the wooden gate. At the end of the wharf, the truck “parked” and both the driver and passenger exited the vehicle. The occupants headed on the pathway behind Lincoln Wharf toward Battery Street. Police later apprehended the Peabody driver near North Station. He was cited as having a pellet gun. Charges are expected to be filed on Monday in municipal court.

Thanks to Union Wharf for the video.

4 Replies to “Video: Pickup Truck Chased From New Hampshire Ends at Union Wharf on North End Waterfront

  1. I believe this information is not accurat. It was a maroon pickup truck that came out of the tunnel via 93s. It jumped the median coming close to the carousal. It came screaching down comercial on a damaged right front tire. The pickup made a hard right turn going through the wood gate at Union wharf and skidded to a sliding stop near the end of the parking lot about 8 feet from the wharf. One individual was not able to run away and was taken away by police. The driver ran from the vehicle came back to it and removed papers leaving some papers as he ran towards and around burroughs wharf he changed clothes and was later apprehended by TD bank garden. Police found papers and other evidence around burroughs wharf. There seemed to be no one chasing this pickip upon it entering the North end area. The fireman arrived on the scene within minutes and a good thing as gasoline was leaking from the damaged pickup. Police also arrived within minutes and did an amazing job putting everything together and rapidly searching the areas all around the crime scene.

  2. http://www.necn.com/06/15/14/Man-arrested-after-chase-from-NH-to-Bost/landing.html?blockID=867979&feedID=11106

    A Peabody, Massachusetts man has been arrested after police say he led them on a chase from Salem, New Hampshire to Boston.
    Michael Daniels, 33, was arrested by Boston Police on foot in North Station. Police say he was carrying a pellet gun.
    A man in the passenger seat of the pickup truck claims he was kidnapped by Daniels. Police are investigating whether that is true.
    Daniels is being held overnight while Massachusetts State Police try to determine what charges should be filed against him.
    Salem Police told Massachusetts State Police they were pursuing a stolen pickup truck. State Police learned that a vehicle was reportedly sideswiped by the red GMC with New Hampshire plates.
    After a long chase, Boston Police reported that the truck ultimately crashed in the North End when the driver fled on foot.

  3. This post was updated with revised details and added video of the truck entering Union Wharf’s parking lot with the suspects subsequently exiting the vehicle.

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