Neighborhood Photo: Tour Bus Driver Didn’t Get the Memo

It has been understood that large tour buses are not allowed on Hanover Street, says Meredith Pisicitelli. She shares this photo from a bus that obviously did not get the memo.

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4 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Tour Bus Driver Didn’t Get the Memo

  1. hooray for meredith! I saw that bus – slowly meandered around it, actually – but did not have the presence of mind to photograph it. nice to have a neighbor who pays attention. -david arnold

  2. Thanks everybody. I actually spoke to the driver thru his open window, and told him tour buses aren’t allowed on Hanover St. If he said anything back to me, I didn’t hear it. The date of this photo is May 29, 2014. The company is Roadrunner Charters, Inc. The DOT #1238490….. That’s all I know. Is it too late to report them?

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