8 Replies to “MassDOT/MBTA Seeking Pushcarts for Cross Street Plaza in North End

  1. We can hardly walk down our streets now, and they keep on shoving everything they possibly can.
    down our throats. Whether it be the City, State or the Federal Government, REMEMBER.
    People only get away with what you allow them to get away with. Where are the Neighborhood.
    Protesters? Why aren’t we gathering together and Picket outside of the State House, City.
    Hall, and the Federal Court House? When the Developer who was interested in the.
    Roche-Bobois Building (now the Eliot School) wanted to go up 85Ft. protesters were out.
    of City Hall & Menino broke that up & the Developer withdrew. I hope everyone reading this.
    site shows up on June 6th at the Nazzaro Center at 6 30. This is only the Tip of the Iceberg.
    Strength is in Numbers, where are ours?

  2. Where was the outrage from the community when they allowed the tourist drawn Pedi Cabs owned by a non resident company to park on the sidwalk of Cross st. all hours of the day and nite no outrage there…maybe because this is open to North End Residents only and not non residents . Just goes to show you how we as a neighborhood don’t stick together for our own hard working people trying to make an honest living. We allow strangers and outsiders to come into our neighborhood and do whatever they want .besides wouldn’t this be a better way for the city to earn money than allowing resaurants and bars to stay open until 4 am ? Where is the outrage for that issue ? Maybe u should pick your battles for the more important issues or are you afraid to go up against your friendly North End Business Chamber of Commerce leaders …maybe your afraid you might be out on your free meals ….

  3. Jerry Cordasco its about being courteous and welcoming the tourist to this great neighborhood I grew up in, I’m proud to let people know what it was like growing up here its not about selling the tshirt, that’s what makes the work I do fun everyday. I don’t like alot of things that have changed in the 56 years ive been living here but its home and stil the greatest neighborhood on the face of the earth, you can always move if you don’t like the changes.

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