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Maplewood Caddy Camp Alumni from North End Rededicate Statue

On August 24, 1958, members of the Maplewood Caddy Camp Alumni Association dedicated a statue called “Our Lady of the Fairways.”  This year, on May 4th, they rededicated the statue in a small ceremony.  North Ender Fred Forte lead the restoration and construction efforts. Fred said that he was motivated to do the work by “what I learned at camp and how I can give back. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to go through the camp under an incredible director, John D Dexter, more commonly known as ‘D’  It was a life experience that I and all the other caddies will never forget.” In attendance at the rededication, in addition to Fred Forte, were Mario Dileo, Frank “Sonny” Piazza, Bill Faria, Roger Frechette, Peter Walsh, Stephen Costa & Ray Costa, and myself.

Photos by James Pasto. Click any thumbnail to start a full screen slideshow.