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Mamma Maria Receives June 2014 Good Neighbor Recognition Award

Mamma Maria wins Good Neighbor award for June 2014 (Photo by Janet Gilardi)

The Good Neighbor Recognition Award for June 2014 was awarded to Mama Maria restaurant at 3 North Square. The award was presented by Recognition Committee Chair Janet Gilardi of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA).

Mama Maria owner, Janine, is camera shy so the photo simply shows the exterior of the restaurant, located on a small hill overlooking North Square – the oldest public square in America.

The monthly award is voted by NEWRA’s Executive Committee and presented to local businesses, organizations and property owners that consistently keep the areas around their property clean of trash and debris.

See previous winners of the NEWRA Clean Streets Good Neighbor Recognition Award.

One Reply to “Mamma Maria Receives June 2014 Good Neighbor Recognition Award

  1. MAMA MARIA more than deserves the Good Neighbor Award & I would also like to add that they have the.
    BEST Osso Bucco in the City. The Staff is wonderful, Service is great & is kept immaculate on the.
    inside as well as the outside. Just recently Johnny Depp & the President of Turkey ate there.

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