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Sax Gordon Visits the Eliot School’s Kinder 1s

Recently, Gordon Beadle, “Sax Gordon” visited the Kinder 1’s at the Eliot K-8 Innovation School. Sax Gordon is “FANCY – “One of the best and most vibrant young sax players in the business”- Blues Revue, and travels the globe playing. He will be performing in Brookline on May 10.

Gordon brought with him his tenor and baritone saxophones. He explained how they work and the differences between the two. He fielded MANY questions from the 4 and 5 year olds – and took song requests. Some of the requested songs that he played: “We will rock you”, “Twinkle twinkle little star”, “Mary had a little lamb”, “Wheels on the bus”, and “Puff the Magic Dragon” – the kids sang along to that one.

Gordon is the husband of the very talented Eliot teacher Marina Boni – Thank you Marina for arranging this visit! The Eliot Kinder 1’s were so lucky to have met Sax Gordon!