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Back Bay Fire & Death of Two Firefighters – News Feed & Photos

Boston Firefighters Edward Walsh and Michael Kennedy were tragically killed in Wednesday’s nine-alarm fire at a Back Bay brownstone on Boylston Street. Shown below are photos and videos followed by a running Twitter feed of the story.

2 Replies to “Back Bay Fire & Death of Two Firefighters – News Feed & Photos

  1. The vast majority of us will never have the feeling of not knowing whether or not we will return home from work on any given day. Unfortunately, days like this put life into perspective. This town spends so much time honoring its athletes for their accomplishments; wouldn’t it make sense to do the same for the real heroes? I would love to see the neighborhood organize a nice dinner for our local firefighthers once in a while. Many of us walk past that fire house each day and take for granted the fact that any one of those men would risk life and limb to pull us out of trouble. Would it be possible for a restaurant or two to put something nice together for the guys down at the fire house? If they needed some kind of monetary donation I’d be the first in line.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. My son in law is a fire fighter and every time I hear those alarms I pray for all those on their way to answer the call. I’ve heard many people say that the firefighters just hang around the fire station doing nothing for hours YES some days they do BUT they are there when we need them. As we know and could see from the devastating fire in Boston It only takes that one call to make a tragic impact on a a firefighter’s family.

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