Parla Under Construction at 230 Hanover Street
Il Villaggio, before its 2013 closing

Parla is the name of a newly themed Italian restaurant soon to open in Boston’s North End at 230 Hanover Street.

The location was previously occupied by Il Villaggio before it closed last year for renovations. While the owner is the same, a new executive chef, staff, menu and interior is expected to bring a completely different experience.

Parla means “to speak” in Italian and explains the temporary window coverings with #doyouspeak.

A soft opening is expected in the coming days.

For information on the opening, follow @parlaboston or visit their Facebook page.

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  1. “Parla” does not mean “to speak”. “Parlare” means “to speak”.

    “Parla” either means “he/she/it speaks” or it means “you speak” (imperative).

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